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RelentlessB Creations
RelentlessB Creations

I started crocheting when I was about 10 years old. Being left-handed, everyone always thought that it would be difficult for me to crochet but I learned to master the art and I feel that it helps me to give a unique touch to all of my creations. Early on over the years I would make myself little knick knack and accessory items, but then I started a family and had less time to crochet.


For a long time the only time I would crochet would be to make a layette set when someone was having a baby. I strongly believe that every baby should have a handmade item...something made especially for them. I also made my own child several items from baby clothes to blankets, which both she & I still hold dear to our hearts today.


I am now at a point in life where I am rediscovering the pleasure of crocheting and would like to share my creativity with the world. This website offers a variety of options for handmade crochet items ranging from unique accessories such as yoga bags, market and beach bags, baguettes, change purses, and scarves to household items such as coasters and decorative table top coverings, to baby layette sets.


There are several items on this website that I have already handmade and can be shipped immediately upon placing an order or you can contact me at relentlessbcreations@gmail.com if you would like something in a different color or a specific handmade crocheted item.